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How I Define Lifestyle Photography By Lisa Tichane

Each family session that I do is completely unique- there are no two families that are identical! Prior to re-joining Cashmere Agency in a senior role, Joey spearheaded marketing and client relations at Spectrum Knowledge, a corporate training company that accelerates professional leadership through research-driven, real-world leadership certificate programs in partnership with the UCSD Rady School of Management.

There are so many things wrong with modern medicine… what we do often has marginal benefits at best,” he said at a meeting in central London, estimating that at least 50% of our health care problems would be resolved if we changed lifestyle and reduced prescribed drugs.” In fact, he argues, the cost of overmedication and consequent side-effects adds greatly to the pressures on already-stretched health-care systems much more than acknowledged.

The painful reality for a marketer is that we cannot leave this natural act of positioning to chance – we MUST influence it. A marketer must first define the positions we want our products and services to occupy, and then create the messaging that will influence consumers and give us a competitive advantage.

— Pictures by Choo Choy May and courtesy of TwizsPETALING JAYA, July 30 — Starting a business with your family isn’t really the easiest but in the case of twin brothers Kenneth Wong Ken Lit and Litat Wong Lit Tat, it resulted in a lifestyle brand called Twizs.

In 2012, Andrew Cheyne, a researcher at the Berkeley Media Studies Group in California published an editorial in PLoS Medicine arguing that such social responsibility campaigns and advertising are effective ways of diverting and shifting responsibility away from corporations that make sugared beverages.

Sure, some bloggers chose to do so, and they use all of the things they experience as fodder for blog ideas But half of the battle of running a successful blog is attracting an audience, which usually requires bloggers to choose a specific niche (and you can’t make money blogging if you don’t have a good audience).

It is multi-media content at scale that leverages a brand’s reach that is efficient and amplified.” In other words, if you want to grow your brand, you need to stop thinking of content as advertising, and stop considering it only in regards to how much revenue you can directly attribute back to it.

First of all, let’s cover what lifestyle photography actually is. Although everyone has a slightly different take on lifestyle photography – for me, this is about capturing real life, as it happens, and finding the beauty the mundane details of everyday life.

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